Journeying With Jesus

Title: Journeying With Jesus
Materials: Watercolor paintings
Artwork by: Godsfingerprints
Description: A relationship with Jesus is more than just receiving Him into our lives as our Lord and Savior. It’s about a journey with Jesus. As He calls us and as we respond to Him, His presence is with us everywhere we go. He will be there with us through the trials and the joys of life. And our souls will always be refreshed in Him as long as we walk closely with the Lord. Knowing His goodness, we will want to tell others about Him. 


God still calls men and women to be His ambassadors today. He challenges us to serve Him—sometimes close to home, sometimes in distant lands. The question for us is, How will we respond to His call? May God give us the courage to say, “Here am I! Send me.”

Whom God calls, He qualifies; whom He qualifies, He sends.


How do we relate to God? Do we seek Him mainly in times of trouble, searching for answers in our distress but ignoring Him during our seasons of celebration? Are we like the Israelites, easily swayed by the idols of our age, including such things as busyness, success, and influence?

Today, may we recommit ourselves to the Lord, who loves us as surely as the flowers bud in the spring.

Though we may be unfaithful to God, He will never turn from us.


God has promised always to be present with those who believe in Jesus. No matter how dark the night, the unseen God is ready to respond appropriately to our need.

God is always present and at work.


Lord, thank You for the many ways You bless us. Forgive us for so often taking Your goodness for granted. Show us what we have that we might use to bless someone else today.

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      Hi David, we’d love to help you out with that 🙂 Are you plugged into a church community at the moment?

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