The Fig Tree

Written by Laura Morgan, USATitle: The Fig Tree
Materials: Watercolor
Artwork by: Laura Morgan
Description: I hardly ever have reason to fly without familiar companions, so before my flight home from Texas–where I was visiting friends–I prayed that God would bless the interactions with my seatmates. God answered that request in an unforgettable way.

During my flight from Texas, the young man seated next to me started up a conversation, introducing himself as Minh. We exchanged the typical get-to-know-you information, which quickly opened the door for me to tell him about the near fatal accident I was involved in years ago.

Because of the accident and the tough rehabilitation that followed, I shared that I was stripped raw by having so many of the things I loved and had worked so hard for taken away from me (my job in speech pathology, lifelong musical endeavors, sports of running and rock climbing, even many of my spiritual opportunities, like in leading small groups and being invited to become a deacon).

Although I experienced great sadness over all these losses, I consider it a great grace I was given in that I did not experience anger towards Him. I honestly didn’t have questions of why a good God allowed this horrible accident to happen.

Minh also encouraged me from Habakkuk 3:17-19. Habakkuk had every reason to despair; yet his security remained intact enough to even “rejoice in the Lord” (verse 18). I can only imagine the anguish Habakkuk was enduring and I can’t help but be encouraged by Habakkuk’s response and the way he has learned to rejoice in his immense suffering, finding strength and joy in God alone. Let us also find our source of joy to be completely outside of and beyond whatever that could impact our lives on earth.



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