Life online and offline

Title: Life online and offline
Materials: Graphic Illustration
Are we reflecting our true selves to others or is the light off our phone screens glowing brighter? Perhaps these 4 points will shed light on what it means to reflect Christlikeness in our social media saturated world.




Do you show virtual empathy or real empathy?

Hitting the reaction buttons on Facebook to express our empathy towards someone or something is easy. But is it real concern? How can we communicate our feelings in a genuine and real way? Instead of reacting virtually to the news of the day, explore opportunities to get involved and serve those affected by the event.





Do you capture life or live your life?

Sharing the events of our day on social media can be a fun way of looking back and remembering a moment. But what do we miss when we pause to take a photo instead of just taking in our surroundings? Do we pause to see God’s blessing or just type #blessed for more views? Whether it’s a beautiful landscape, a delicious cup of coffee, or a day at the beach with friends, don’t forget to stop and take in all that God has to share with us in that moment.





Do you rant or exercise thoughtfulness?

What’s on your mind? Whether you’re excited, disappointed, or indifferent, social media encourages you to share unfiltered opinions with friends, family, and strangers. Before clicking that post button, do you ask yourself if you would say the same thing out loud? Let’s not be so quick to complain and comment, but instead be slow to anger and exercise thoughtfulness beyond our screens.





Do you spend your time online or offline?  

The refresh button is our best friend and worst enemy. Social media has its benefits, like keeping us up-to-date and connected but it also encourages jealousy and ingratitude. How often do you leave your phone in another room and take a break from life online? Giving yourself a limit on how much of your day is lived with curated feeds and grids can be refreshing. Use this time to step outside and spend time with your creator.


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