More Than A Verse

Title: More Than A Verse
Materials: Illustration and Hand-drawn type
Description: This series of illustrated Bible verse were created from a desire to communicate messages that will forever share the wisdom, hope, grace, and love of our great and wonderful God. When all else fails, the truths we find in God’s Word will always remain. In God’s Word, we are reminded of God’s promises and truths — in the good and the not-so-good times of life. We can know that we are never alone!


Remind me of why I create and work || Keep my eyes on Your glory instead of pursuing my own.

02-Not just a verse

Remind me of the bigger picture || Keep my eyes on Your will as you know what’s best for me.



Remind me of Your grace || Keep my eyes fixed on Your blessings.



Remind me to turn to Your Word || Write Your wisdom on my heart.


Artist Feature | Emma Skerratt

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I’m Emma Skerratt from Cheltenham, England. I grew up in Bath and went to university in Cornwall, where I fell in love with coast. I was blessed to grow up with Christian parents so my faith journey isn’t defined by a particular moment but more a growing relationship.

The thing I love about hand lettering is how much personality and character each project can have. Each artist has their own individual style and I found that by lettering Bible verses that I could visually represent what I want to stick in my head.

I like to think that my lettering is a form of worship and a response to all God has done for me. When I read a piece of Scripture that really affects me, all I want to do is reflect on the truths in it and create a unique piece of art that praises the Lord. I hope that my lettering will help and encourage other visual learners to engage with Scripture in a similar way.

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