7 Things You Can Do To Be A Better Friend

Title: 7 Things You Can Do To Be A Better Friend
Materials: Hand Illustration
We love our friends, but our actions don’t always show it. Let’s talk about how to step things up in the friend department. Here are 7 simple ways to help us become better friends.

Written by Blake Wisz
Illustrations by Elizabeth Huang

01_Better-friend 02_Better-friend 03_Better-friend 04_Better-friend


06_Better-friend 07_Better-friend

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  1. Sammy
    Sammy says:

    today this is an online generation that does not have the time to communicate true feelings … I was telling myself I want to be offline as much as possible but God asked me this QN … yes this is an online generation how will you be of help if you keep ignoring them ??? to tell you the truth I felt abit challenged with that … most of the time I get bored with internet stuff its dry and un fulfilling .. I’ve spent more than 10 yrs breaking the word down to my peers and nothing good ever happened .… now when I want to just chill and do my do am constantly redirected to placed I see nothing good about them funny … not complaining am just a work in progress !!!


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