What If Jesus Had Facebook?

Title: What If Jesus Had Facebook?
Materials: Digital Illustration
Description: If Jesus lived in this day and age, would you be friends with Him on Facebook? Here’s what it might look like.


*log in*

Hey, look who just sent me a friend request—it’s Jesus! Wow, He’s on Facebook!
No harm adding him!

*accept friend request*

Okay, let’s see what posts He has. Whoa—there’s quite a lot. Seems like He’s got a lot to say. Lemme see… Good News… come to Me… you are forgiven… saved… adopted by God…
Nice! I like that.


More posts! Let’s see… deny yourself… follow Me… hmm. Guess I could *like* this, but why’s He asking for so much? I mean, I go to church every Sunday, and I say grace before meals. What else do I need to do to be His friend? Oh well, here goes…


Oh, look, He’s actually got some examples. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul… uh-huh… love your neighbor as yourself…
Hmm. Is it me, or is He just a tad demanding?
Perhaps He just wants some attention. Okay I guess I had better comment on one of His posts, make Him feel a bit better.

“Thumbs-up, Jesus. Good reminder!”
Okay, that should keep Him happy for a while.

*scroll down*

More posts…

Hey, look! He’s already *liked* my reply. He seems to be online all the time! Bizarre, every time I ask Him for a favour, He says nothing. No lottery win, no exam clues.., but now, when I say I might consider doing what He says, He acknowledges it immediately. Seems like He wants more than just prayer requests—what a strange idea!

Ooo, a reply! Now that’s fast.
“Seek My kingdom and My righteousness first, and all these things will be given to you.”
Whoa, was He reading my mind?
Man, this is a bit too creepy.
Does He message all His friends the same thing? Wonder who His friends are… lessee…


Whoa! And He’s got quite a few friends! Impressive. Mr Popular, eh. Let’s see who’s in the list.
Peter… Paul… John… cool! All the saints are here. Well, of course they’d be His friends, wouldn’t they? Any ordinary folks, I wonder?
Oh, hey! I know Desmond! Real nice guy from school. No wonder Jesus is his friend. Desmond’s my friend too. Cool.
Ah, my discipline master. Really? Hmm… okay, he’s strict but I gotta admit, the guy is fair. A bit of a disciplinarian, always going on about what’s right and what’s wrong. Bit serious, but I guess he’s a “good” guy. Jesus’ll like him.
Who else…


Huh?! This guy?! No way!! I know this guy! He’s such a —–. How could Jesus be his friend? How could anyone like him? Only Jesus, I guess. Man, that’s bizarre.


What?! Isn’t this the crook who got sent to jail last month?! The newspapers said he’s turned over a new leaf since, but… seriously?! Jesus, dude, do you have any idea who You’re hanging out with here?
And what’s this? Peter and Paul are friends with this… criminal too?
Look, I’m not the only one who thinks so, see all these comments telling Him to be careful who He befriends.

Oh, He’s replied to some of them.
“Forgive others, just as I have forgiven you.”
No way. How do you forgive a crook like that?


Man, there’s more stuff about forgiving. And seeking to do His will… yada yada. Okay, way too much stuff to do. It’s like, He wants to be your friend, then He’s got all these things He wants you to do.
Nah. I’ll just stick with the Sunday services.
Maybe I should give Him a few more *likes* to make Him happy, keep Him off my back.

*like* *like* *like*

Oh wait, did Jesus just send me a message? Hmmm, he wants to meet for coffee, find out how I’m doing.
I don’t mind, but I’ve got so many other appointments scheduled at the moment. And what if he asks why I’m not serving in church? Yikes.
Better not reply so quickly.
Lemme give a think for a bit.

*log out*

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  1. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Very interesting take on this. I was very curious because of a sermon I heard, if God were to have a facebook account. I can’t believe others have thought of this question, too. I totally love how much Jesus would pursue people. I think how the person reacted describes accurately how most people’s perceptions are of Jesus is. One thing I have noticed and have been learning about Jesus, though. At least, He seems to be doing this with me. He shows me and tells me of His love, and then just lets me reflect on it and soak it in. Yes, He does eventually bring something more “demanding” to my mind, but He will usually let me feel secure in His love first. It may seem like I get overwhelmed by criticisms that I think are from Him, but I have been learning that the inner voices that make you feel devalued, criticized, and shamed all the time and cause you to develop anxiety that makes you distance yourself from Him are NOT His voice. The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness, and self control are all traits of Jesus Himself. So that’s really what He sounds like, even if He is correcting you. So when I am finally reminded to love others, I want to do it. In fact, the more time I spend with Him, and the more close I feel to Him, the more love flows from me naturally. And that says alot, because I am not a loving person by nature. That’s what happens when you let your relationship with Him affect your life.


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