In Data We Trust

Title: In Data We Trust
Materials: Art Installation
Description: In this series of works, I explore the idea of identity and self in terms of data. As a photographer, photos are a part of me and they document my life. This work is a manifestation of my personal experience. Data loss is a nightmare to artists as our works would be lost.

The pictures shown are some of my works that have been corrupted. They are to me, gaps in my memory which make me feel I am incomplete. I almost lost three years of work but I was lucky to be able to recover most of my stuff back in a week. It was a torturous week and it made me realize 1) how we are so reliant on data and 2) why we have an unbreakable relationship with data.

I just hope that this work could connect with people and make them question their own relationship with data.

In-data-we-trust-01 In-data-we-trust-02 In-data-we-trust-03 in-data-we-trust-04 in-data-we-trust-05

Artist Feature | Angel Cheong

Angel Cheong

I started pursuing photography as a serious hobby at the age of 14 after taking it up as a CCA. I play with electronics a lot and like to question the purpose of the technology God has allowed us to create with our human hands. Over time, I’ve come to realize that all the things I do with my hands will eventually fade away. Data is not forever. My art is not forever. But God is.

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