In His Time

Title: In His Time
Materials: Watercolor, pen, ink, paper
Description: The works presented in this collection are part of an ongoing project on my personal Instagram called #wordlovewednesdays. This project began purely out of a need and desire to practice lettering and to share good quotes with others. Now, it’s become more of an avenue to serve, love, and lift up others through my lettering and the captions I write. As I continue #wordlovewednesdays, I hope that many will be encouraged, find renewed hope, and joy in every post.

be still and know

Enjoy Today

His timing not mine

My circumstances are not m y future

simply make time

Slow and steady


Artist Feature | Esther Oh


My faith is my life. My relationship with God is everything to me. Without it, without Him, I’d be nothing. He has shown me immeasurable grace and unfailing love every day of my life, and I want to do everything I can to thank Him for His love for me. Lettering is simply one way that I can do that. I’ve always had an affinity for words and art, and lettering was the perfect marriage of the two. Just like my brush makes its mark on the papers I write on, I’m just a girl trying to make her mark on this world. But really, all I want is for God to use me and for Him to be glorified through my life. I hope that every post you see from me encourages you, challenges you, and brings you joy!

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