ODJ: java gods

March 22, 2013 

READ: Joshua 10:16-15

So the sun stood still 
and the moon stayed in place (v.13).

Recently, coffee drinkers in Helsinki, Finland, could visit a café called Kauko for a free cup of coffee. Sipping java at the Kauko coffee shop meant, however, that they were at the mercy of Internet users who controlled the shop’s environment. These ‘java gods’ could adjust the lighting, music and furniture for a total of one minute, and webcams allowed Internet users to watch people react to their changes.

While the java gods could claim power for a limited time, in a finite space, God has the ultimate control over everything that exists (Psalm 115:3). He showcased His sovereignty during a battle between the Israelites and droves of Amorite warriors. “The Lord threw [the Amorites] into a panic” (Joshua 10:10), and this allowed the Israelites to knock off great numbers of them. God’s action on Israel’s behalf shows that He has power over people who oppose us.

As the Amorites tried to escape, the Lord pitched a “hailstorm from heaven” in their direction. “The hail killed more of the enemy than the Israelites killed with the sword” (v.11), proving that God can change the weather in a moment. Every raindrop, ocean wave and gust of wind responds to His command. Not only does God rule the earth and its climate, but His power extends throughout the universe as well. As Israel continued to obliterate the opposing forces, the nation began to run out of time. God stepped in again and answered Joshua’s request for more daylight (v.12). “So the sun stood still and the moon stayed in place” (v.13).

Remembering God’s sovereign power can free us from ‘playing god’ in our own lives. We don’t need to mould every circumstance for our greatest gain. We can loosen our grip on the people we live with. We can be still, and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10). —Jennifer Benson Schuldt

Read Daniel 4:34-36 to see Nebuchadnezzar’s realisation regarding God’s sovereignty. Read Psalm 95:3-5 for a look at God’s supreme status in relation to every created thing.
How does God’s sovereignty affect your understanding of His will for your life? How do the mightiest forces of nature illustrate or point to God’s power?