Manasseh: The Comeback King

In true riches to rags form, Manasseh’s story tells of a man brought up in the ways of the Lord, but is led astray during his adulthood. See how God’s steadfast love brought about a change in him despite sacrificing his son to the foreign gods. Although Manasseh walked away from God, God did not walk away from him; and in the darkness of a prison cell, he is brought back to the true God in his life.

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  1. gabriella
    gabriella says:

    Chapter 2
    Page 15

    Prophet: “The Killing of innocent child is an act of condemned by The Lord God…”

    Didn’t God ask Abraham to offer his son, Issac as a sacrifice too? Does it make our God in the same level with the pagan’s gods since their natures of the first-born child sacrificing are the same?

    • xj
      xj says:

      God was merely testing Abraham’s faith in Him. He never intended for Abraham to actually carry out the sacrifice, and thus, at the final moment, God provided a ram for Abraham to sacrifice in the place of his son, Isaac.

    • Darren
      Darren says:

      God is making a covenant with mankind. If mankind will not give up his son, how can God gave up His. This world belonged to man but was turned over to Satan because of sin. God being righteous need a valid way to introduce His salvation plan.

      God had been building up Abraham’s faith in the previous chapters to the point that he is able to ‘see’ God’s plan. Both Abraham and Isaac (which was in his teens) have total faith in God’s plan. Abraham was so sure of His promises that he actually though that God would raise Isaac from the dead to carry on his line.

      The only different here is that while Isaac did not ‘actually’ died, Jesus, the son of God did. Such love, such grace, such mercy. Glory be to God!

    • Park
      Park says:

      I’m visiting famliy in UK, and we’re just about to go off to the local Priory Church. It was started in 1092 (some of the original congregants still occupy the pews!).I’m a complete sucker for the traditional Christian Carols, which draw so liberally from scripture. I had been singing them as a child, but after my conversion in my teens I began to understand their Biblical meanings. One of the greatest thrills was getting to know Wesley’s line in Hark, the herald angels sing , where he writes of the Messiah who was born to raise the sons of earth, born to give them second birth This aspect of Christmas is my favourite time of year.

    • Saso
      Saso says:

      Well, here’s one who will definitely be “along for the ride”! happy 2010 to all of the Farnes plopee, and all who read this blog too. Here’s to a successful year!

  2. Enbuoh
    Enbuoh says:

    The very last page. I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s a hopeless case, though I can’t say it’s genetic. I’ll just imagine that it went like an endless loop of events, then. All the same, I may not be able to sleep soundly tonight. Dat face! Urgh!


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