Poem: Dry Spell

Written By Priscilla, Singapore

No forest fires, no burning bushes
No thorny soil or sharp weapons
No storms to overcome, no Goliaths
But in life, there are different kinds of struggles

A struggle against the ‘nothing-ness’ in the desert
There’s no peace within though it’s all quiet
With hardly any signs of life around
Just a vast expanse of boring brown

The desert is a tough place to be in
People say “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”
But with each step, into the sand my feet sink
There’s no water, yet I feel like I’m drowning

I drink from You, yet I still thirst
I feed on Your word, yet I still hunger
I see another wellspring but I’m tired
Will my efforts to go there be wasted?

How long, o Lord, will this dry spell last?
Will you turn this into a winter that’s harsh?
When is springtime coming? Where is spring?
I hear You say “it’s coming, wait, it’s coming”

Make a way, o Lord, carve out water streams
Turn this parched ground into flowing springs
Breathe life into these dry bones
Consume with fire, this heart that’s gone cold

Bring me back and draw me in
Forgive me where I’ve sinned
Let the ruins come to life
From the ashes, help me rise

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