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What If I Can’t Find My Passion?

Title: What If I Can’t Find My Passion?
Artwork by: YMI
Description: “Find your passion” sounds like dated advice, but every now and then we still go back to that, especially when we’re stumped on what we should do. We resort to “passion” because we think it’s about finding something that we won’t easily tire of. 

But as life repeatedly demonstrates, our passion(s) inevitably wanes because of toil. When passion fizzles out, we need habit, discipline, commitment, and the God who upholds all these things, to help us carve out the path to take. 


A man is lying down on the study table with the laptop is on

Up: A boy is reading a book and his mom feel worry and look at him Down: A boy is doing his math homework

The man is lying on the bed feeling empty

Up: A boy is lying on his study table with a lot of books Down: The boy is study at night with his ear phone on

Up: The man is working in the office Down: His manager is showing him the good feedback and review from client

Up: The man is continue writing article at night Down: The man receiving a text about his article had been selected

Up: The man is surprised while the editor is giving a book to him Down: He is holding the book and walk across the street

He is reading the book on the train back home, feeling contented

A flatlay view of the book with pages open showed : "Written by Jiaming Zeng"


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