Person putting a magnifying glass on his heart

Let’s Have A Heart Check

Title: Let’s Have A Heart Check
Artwork by: YMI X @hmcortesillustration
Description:  For a world that’s so focused on getting results, it may not really matter what we think or how we feel about something; what matters is we get things done. But for us believers, we know that God sees our hearts—what’s on the inside matters just as much, if not more.

This doesn’t mean that we should only do something when we “feel” right (eager, excited) about it. Rather, it’s about asking ourselves, would we continue to do what we believe is good and pleasing to God, even if it doesn’t feel satisfying or useful to us?

Let’s reflect together on what it really means to serve God with a pure heart (1 Timothy 1:5).


Person putting a magnifying glass on his heart

Scene of person leading worship with guitar, with crowds cheering, lights and cameras. The worship leader is “in the moment,” with eyes closed.

Person leading worship but only with only 2-3 other people around.

Phone screen showing group chat where someone announces a bible study event. Show many people replying “I’m in!”

Phone screen showing the group chat with the bible study announcement, but nobody replies.

Someone leading prayer in front / in the midst of a big group.

The same person, praying alone in his room for others.

Prayer for examining hearts

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  1. SV
    SV says:

    Truly beautiful! Thank you for this powerful reminder of how important it is to God that I keep my heart motives in check and live for an audience of One.


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