A mom is asking her son how to fix his phone

How to Say “I Love You, Mum” When You Don’t Say “I Love You”

Title: How to Say “I love you, mum” when You Don’t Say “I love you”
Artwork by: YMI x @yanyancandyng
Description: For those of us who didn’t grow up in an affectionate family, uttering the words ‘I love you, Mum’ can feel awkward, especially when we also have a lot of challenging moments with our mums. So, other than those three words, what can we do or say to show our love?

The big thing is to remember that it’s not just for Mother’s Day—we don’t need to worry about making a big gesture if we can put in a little effort every day to make our mums feel seen and loved. 

A daughter is deleting her "I love you" text to her mom


text on the paper


Son is accompanying his mom to grocery shopping


Daughter is praising her mom for her home cook food


Son is asking his mom how to fix her phone


Daughter is listening to what her mom share


Son is helping her mom to restock toilet paper and some fruits


Daughter is sending a prayer to her mom


Artist Feature


(Photography Credit: On Jackson Street)

Yan Yan Candy Ng, an Australian illustrator based in Melbourne and born in Hong Kong, find her voice in colourful and quirky illustrations. Creativity connects her — one smile at a time, spreading joy.

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