Woman sitting on sofa surrounded by cats

3 Paw-sitive Things My Cats Taught Me About God

Title: 3 Paw-sitive Things My Cats Taught Me About God
Artwork by: YMI x @chiketania

Description: A couple of months ago, we got a glimpse of the paw-sitive things that dogs taught us about God.

But how can we forget about all you cat lovers too? Meow.

Cats are often misunderstood. While they may not express their affection as openly as dogs, and often take some time to warm up to us humans, once a cat lets you get up close to it, you’ll discover that they’re wonderfully curious, quirky, and lovable creatures. 

Hear from Viola about how her love affair with cats began when a pregnant stray cat entered into her friend’s property, why cats make the best companions, and what her cats, Luna and Sniper, have been teaching her about God’s love for us. 

Written by Viola Wu (@__lunaandthecats_)


Woman sitting on a sofa surrounded by her cats.

3 cats on a stair

Girl working looking lovingly at cat

Woman looking for her cat under a table.

Two cats cuddling in a bed

Cat hand reaching out to human hand, cat scared of human hand, cats fighting separated by human hand

Woman being disturbed by cat cries while working

Cats saying different tones of "Meow!"s

Woman sitting on sofa surrounded with cats with a prompt to share story


Artist Feature

Chike Tania

Chike Tania is an illustrator blessed with two healthy feet and an adventurous spirit. When she’s not at her desk working, she can be found walking in nature, painting, drawing in a local food stall or cute cafe, or reading books. God made her love stories, words, and poetry, and she’s keen on weaving them into her illustration.

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