Dora and her owner

3 Paw-sitive Things My Dog Taught Me About God

Title: 3 Paw-sitive Things My Dog Taught Me About God
Artwork by: YMI
Description: This International Dog Day, I am paw-sitively delighted to share with you about my dog, Dora, and the joy she has brought into my life as her fur parent. 

Pets are wonderful things. They teach us to be that bit more selfless, more loving, and more forgiving–even after chomping up our favourite shoes. They cheer us up with their various antics, stick with us through thick and thin, and love us even when we’re at our worst. Through them, we see glimpses of God’s heart, and as we care for them, we gain an understanding of our God who loves us. 

Today, let’s raise a paw to all our pets for all the joy and love they bring into our lives. 🐾


Dora with her paw print

Dora carried by a crane

Dora is waving her tail and playing with ink, Dora is sleeping

Dora and her owner

The owner scolded Dora when she just poop somewhere's

Dora's house and her plate

Dora's toy and food

Dora around her toys

Dora is playing with Zorro

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  1. Star
    Star says:

    For me, it was the first puppy we got after our oldest dog passed away. My mom was so hesitant to get her but the second she saw the little puppy, she felt God tell her that it was alright to move on. Us adopting that puppy also opened the door to us rescuing two more dogs!


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