Girl quietly drinking coffee while another person inviting someone to church behind her

Why I Don’t Evangelise

Title: Why I Don’t Evangelise
Artwork by: YMI
Description: As I think back on my own conversion, it had nothing to do with attending a special church service or seeing Christian posts on social media. Rather, it was the very real flaws of Bible characters and Christians around me that convicted me of the reality of the gospel. 

Maybe you, too, feel guilty or pressured about not evangelising in the way your church expects. It’s okay if some of these methods don’t work for you.

The power of the gospel goes beyond pretty Bible verses or famous quotes. Its reach is far greater than any charismatic preacher and marketing gimmick. The power of God is magnified through our weaknesses and vulnerabilities—especially when they move us to depend on and boast in Christ.


Girl quietly drinking coffee while another person evangelising behind her

3 panel comic: pastor telling congregation to rise up, person using phone to share gospel, girl looking unsure in her seat

2 panel of comic, girl walking past Christian school, and 2 girls whispering about a bible verse post

Woman sharing about the gospel to another woman, who gladly listens

4 panel comic: Girl meeting up with non-Christian friend, coming to their wedding, coming to their parent's funeral, and coming to their child's birthday party

2 panel comic: Woman listening to her non-Christian friend's struggles, and women telling her that her strength is from her hope on Jesus (showing the cross)

2 panel comic: woman praying in a hospital corridor, and close up of woman praying hand in hand with another person


Woman looking glad as her non-Christian friends proclaim "praise the Lord!" in the room behind her


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