A woman is looking out from the train

When Discouragement Hits Hard

Title: When Discouragement Hits Hard
Artwork by: YMI
Description: Whenever we encounter setbacks in life, or in our spiritual walk, we may think that it’s simply a matter of trying again, but to try harder this time, and persevere in doing so. 

But sometimes trying harder just doesn’t do anything at all, and this realisation make us feel  completely deflated. And that’s how discouragement sinks its hooks into us. 

We need to recognise that this is one of our Enemy’s greatest tactics against us, and we can’t “get out of it” by our own willpower. So, instead of “trying harder” in our own strength, we can choose to let ourselves fall into God’s lap, and ask Him to lift us up.


A woman is looking out from the train

5 panel of comic: showing a woman on train, on work, and on social event

4 panel of comic: Showing a woman cry at night, playing phone at night, press the alarm, and drinking coffee

4 panel of comic: Showing the woman go a coffee date with church elders and her friend

A woman open up a door and looking at people in church who happily sharing their past experience

A woman is feeling bored to be an usher, while her church mate is worship leader and on the stage

A woman feeling disappointment, walking pass by the luxury boutique


Two panel of comic: close up of the bible and candle, praying hand on the bed4 panel of comics: hand press the alarm, a coffee and bible, the woman tidy up herself, and looking up to the skya candle light in the dark


Project is adapted from original article:

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