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Then and Now: Dad and I Through the Years

Title: Then and Now: Dad and I Through the Years
Artwork by: YMI x @sam.elkana
Description: For as long as we’ve been in this world, our dads have been around. They’ve watched us take our tentative first steps, learn how to drive, sign our first job contracts, and for some of us, get married and start our own families.

They cheered us on in each stage of our lives, smiling proudly at the sidelines. 

In the excitement of living life, we forget our dads are ageing with each milestone we tick off. He was 30 when we took our first steps, and he’s in his 50s when we graduated university.

Then one day, we realise, the strong hands that carried us when we were younger are now a bit frail, a bit wrinkly, a bit sun-spotted. The strong body that lifted us high up in the air as we played airplanes are now needing some support to move.

This Father’s Day, let’s have a little #tbt party in honour of our dads for everything they’ve done for us–and share all the ways we can honour them now by taking care of them.


Father and son standing in rain with reflection of their younger selves

Intro text

Father and daughter sitting, past and present

Father and son walking together, past and present

Father and son comforting one another, past and present

Father and daughter working, roles reversed, past and present

Father and daughter looking at photo album together happily

Conclusion text


Artist Feature

Sam Elkana

Sam Elkana is an illustrator and animator. He enjoys video games and drawing characters from pop culture. He is inspired by many of the 90s and 2000s cartoons, adopting the stylized UPA look into his art.


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