Father’s Day Coupons: Now DADs Clever

Title: Father’s Day coupons: Now DADs clever
Artwork by: YMI X Jordan (@lineideas)
Description: Ah, dads. For most of us, they’re the ones who have loved us since we were young, played with us, taught us how to navigate life, and have prayed with us and for us. Along the years, they’ve also honed their own sense of fashion and jokes, lending rise to terms like “dad fashion” (think faded, baggy jeans and sneakers) and “dad jokes”. 

Sure, we wanted to disappear when they showed up in their pajamas to collect us from school, or when they cracked a cheesy joke in front of our crush. But deep down, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

This Father’s Day, let’s honor the tireless hours they’ve put into raising us (dad jokes and all) with one of these dad-approved coupons. Each comes with a treat and a joke we know he’ll appreciate :).



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