A magnifying glass with a tree

Am I Really Growing in My Faith?

Title: Am I Really Growing in My Faith? 
Artwork by: YMI x @gloria.zzt
Description: As Christians, spiritual growth is necessary and to be expected (Hebrews 5:13-6:1).

If that statement made you squirm a little or you have asked yourself, “Am I truly growing spiritually?”, don’t feel defeated.

If you’ve been measuring your spiritual growth by your own ideas, or comparing what your spiritual walk looks like with someone else’s, you’re bound to feel disappointed and disillusioned.

Even though we are to make every effort to grow into full maturity in our faith because that’s what God desires of us, we need not be paralysed into thinking we must make this happen solely by ourselves.

As you ponder these illustrations, and take ownership of your faith and spiritual maturity, remember that Christ is the most important factor in your spiritual growth. 


A magnifying glass with a tree

Text on a dark blue background

Comparison of two wheats

frames of the tree to showing it getting taller, however the fruit no always fruitful.

Showing seeds, leaf, grape, wine

Text on a dark blue background

Comparison of two trees, one with deeper root less fruits, one with shorter root more fruits

A vine is trying to reach the sun, however the one with flowers drooping down

Showing 4 weeks of the plant is being water by human but, it grows when week 5 where human forget to water

Text on a dark blue background


Artist Feature


Gloria is a graphic designer from Mexico. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends during the day and designing art during the night. She loves using her skills to illustrate the message of the Bible in a simple and minimalistic way.

You can find her on Instagram (@gloria.zzt)


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