Wind-up toy and his Maker with a title treatment of "Winding Back Up in God's Arms"

Winding Back Up in God’s Arms

Title: Winding Back Up in God’s Arms
Artwork by: YMI x harmonythoughts
Description: We are shortsighted creatures, yes? Just look at how many times we stray away from the path God has set us upon—Even when He promises to be with us when the going gets really rough.

True to our fallen human nature, we sometimes let our broken circumstances inform our relationship with God (If He loves me or cares about me, He wouldn’t let this happen!), and in those moments, we simply just want nothing to do with God.

Maybe you’ve been in those shoes before (We have!).

But aha! God is bigger than even your bitterness, anger and frustration. He remains unchanged. Absolutely committed and faithful to you even when you fail (2 Timothy 2:13).

He is patient towards you—Hoping that one day, you will return to Him, singing His praises and giving thanks to Him, because you will soon find out. He alone will satisfy your soul thoroughly.


Wind-up Toy (us) feels ignored by his Maker (God).

Wind-up Toy’s broken gear makes him walk backwards away from his Maker.

Wind-up Toy realises that his gear is broken, but his Maker keeps busy toiling away not noticing.

Wind-up Toy keeps walking backwards with his broken gear.

Wind-up Toy begins to collapse as his gear is failing.

Wind-up Toy collapsed as his gear failed completely.

While wind-up Toy collapsed, his Maker is still busy with finishing his work.

Maker replaces Wind-up Toy’s gear with the new one he’s been making.


Artist Feature

Photo of artist Elisa Ang

Elisa Ang is a mixed-media artist who aspires to carry the light of Jesus in her life and work. She enjoys collecting memories and turning them into stories inspired by God’s word. Old bookshops are her happy place.


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