A woman walk under a bridge

Trusting God In The Season of Job-Hunting

Title: Trusting God In The Season of Job-Hunting
Artwork by: YMI
Description: I spent six months of my life as a couch potato. 

It was a lifestyle I initially enjoyed, having just resigned from a stressful job. But soon my bank balance was running low, my bills were piling up, and I had spent close to a thousand dollars on my car.

So, I started hunting for a job. And that began a long and painful process in which I was forced to rely on God


A woman walk under a bridge

A woman is in front of the laptop

A woman is sitting on the couch and praying.

A woman is sitting in front of the laptop and thinking

A woman is walking down the street

A woman open her house's door

A woman receives a notification about she is hired.

A window with night view.

A close up shot of working table with welcome gift.

A close up of working table with light sprinkle on.



Project is adapted from original article:

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  1. Zalka
    Zalka says:

    I’m grateful to you for writing this post and creating these beautiful images. Anyone in this circumstance can relate to what has been said. It was really encouraging!


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