a girl is surround with flower

Lent is Not . . .

Title: Lent is Not . . . 
Artwork by: YMI X @jewiesartspace
Description: We often think that Lent is all about cleaning ourselves up and denying ourselves life’s pleasures–but in fact, it’s the opposite. The message of Lent is to bring our imperfect selves before God for the kind of work that only He can do. Lent is about encountering God’s grace–and we experience that grace when we take a pause and drop down into our own souls for a long look at the real status of our lives.

So this Lent, open up your heart to God and make room for Him to do His transforming work in your life. May you get a taste of His extravagant grace in this season. 


two boxes of girl and boy practice lent

a girl with plant

Two girls are carrying a lot of shopping bag and linger around the food choices

a side view of a girl with plant

a girl is surround with flower



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