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Lent is Not . . .

We often think that Lent is all about cleaning ourselves up and denying ourselves life’s pleasures–but in fact, it’s the opposite.

How Giving Up Fear Prepared Me for a Pandemic

When the 2020 season of Lent began, very few of us predicted how we’d be forced to give up so much of what we had taken for granted. Before the threat of the coronavirus reached my community, I chose to give up fear. Looking back, this prompting seems like a foreshadowing of what was about to come.

Are We Missing the Point of Lent?

From a distance, Lent appeared to be a time of forced obedience when people tried to “clean themselves up” by fasting or going for extra church services. It felt less like a special season of the Christian life and more like an attempt to “schedule time with God.”

Experiencing Lent for the First Time

This year marks the first time I’m actively participating in the season of Lent. Apart from it being an annual liturgical season, I originally had little idea what Lent was about.