How 3 Bible Characters Recovered from Their Failures

Title: How 3 Bible Characters Recovered from Their Failures
Artwork by: YMI X YA MI (@ya_mi_org)
Description: When we think of our favourite Bible characters, we often remember their grand exploits and victories. But even the best of them are frail and flawed human beings, and had to go through times of failure before they finally “made it”.

As we take a look at some of the biggest “fails” in the Bible, let’s be encouraged to view the “failures” we may experience in this life through the same lens, and remember that when we choose to turn back to God, He can transform our failures into stories that declare His faithfulness.


Illustration of bible characters Samson, Abraham and Peter

Illustration of Abraham lying about Sarah's identity

Illustration of Abraham sacrificing his son Isaac

Illustration of Samson and Delilah

Illustration of Samson breaking down the pillars

Illustration of Peter denying Jesus

Illustration of Peter preaching


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