What Makes Family

Title: What Makes Family
Artwork by: YMI x @susannelowillustration
Description: Family, family, family. 

Some of us may feel a surge of warmth thinking about family. Others may heave a heavy sigh.

Whichever camp you’re in (or maybe you find yourself in both), know that love and hope will not run out if you have Jesus in you. Whatever impossibilities you feel and face with your family, Jesus is right there with you, and nothing is impossible for Him.

So on this International Day of Families, may you be encouraged to see your family as God sees them–made in His image, and never beyond the reach of His love. Lift them up in prayer. Thank them for the good that they’ve done. Apologise for any hurts you’ve caused, and forgive them for the hurts they’ve brought.


Illustration of laundry hanging on a line

Illustration of couples

Illustration of single parent and big family

Illustration of a hand holding a mobile phone

Illustration of a broken photo frame

Illustration of a family taking a photo together

Illustration of a hand patching up a photo

Illustration of Jesus' hand reaching out

Illustration of a pair of hands making a heart shape


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