The Kind Of Friends We Want—And Can Be (with tips from the Bible)

Title: The Kind Of Friends We Want—And Can Be (with tips from the Bible)
Artwork by: YMI X @merrakisstart
Description: Do you ever wish that there could be more to our friendships? More than sharing the same hobbies or interests, or the occasional get-togethers? 

Guess what—friendship is not a second-tier relationship in the Bible. Many times, the word “friend” is used alongside “brother” to express that level of closeness. Even God is described as a friend—to Abraham, Moses, Job, and to those who follow Him (Psalm 25:14, ESVUK).

As much as friendship is about what we hope to find in others, it’s also about what—or who—we can be.

Here are five biblical friendships we can learn from.


Image of an illustration of group of friends chatting

An illustration of David and Jonathan

Do we long for such depth of commitment with our closest friends, to love them as our souls?


An illustration of Moses and Aaron

Is there a friend who’s waiting for us to extend a helping hand?


Illustration of Ruth and Naomi

How far will we go for (with) our friends?


Illustration of Job and his friends

What would it look like to really “be there” for our friends?


Illustration of Paul and Timothy

Do we share our visions with our friends, and would we push each other to pursue our godly calling?


Illustration of Jesus' hand holding another hand

This is a friendship that compels us to be “all in”. Since we’ve been entrusted with these truths, are we willing to be true to Him—to give ourselves completely to Him and join in His work?  



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