Coming Back to Center—The Psalms

Title: Coming Back to Center—The Psalms
Artwork by: Zach Stuef(@stuefcreative)
This project is the culmination of a time where I needed to refocus my life on the Cross after a particularly hectic work season when I was a design intern with a major company in Detroit. During that season, I focused solely on myself and my own professional development, diminishing the significance of Christ’s role in my life and neglecting to seek out my Savior for guidance. I realised it was necessary for me to refocus and come back to the center—where Jesus should always be.

I was led to ponder over His words in the book of Psalms and draw creativity out of it. The ultimate goal of this series for me was to explore distilling chunks of meaningful Scripture into a single image. Here are a few meaningful lessons that stood out to me.

I hope that this encourages you to focus on Christ as much as it has helped me.


Psalm 133

This psalm celebrates how beautiful it is when believers live in unity and love! When we stick together as a community through our ups and downs, and build each other up, the psalm promises that God will bless us and make us fruitful. Like dew falling on Mount Zion, that cools the air and refreshes the earth, brotherly love will make us flourish spiritually. How important it is for us to grow and love each other in Christ!


Psalm 3

This is a psalm that was penned by David when he was running from his enemies. Despite his distress, David’s genuine faith in God shone through. David boldly asked God for help because He knew that God will never fail him. Likewise, in difficult circumstances, we can call out to God, knowing He will never fail us. God delivers us and provides for us. Even though a multitude of enemies surround us, we will not falter for salvation belongs to the Lord.


Psalm 102

When we are hit with affliction like the psalmist, we should look to God, our Savior. He is strong, steady and consistent like a lighthouse, guiding our way amid the storms of life. God has compassion on His people and will grant us sufficient grace to press on through difficulties. Let us praise and honor God, for He is worthy of our praise!


Psalm 139

God is omniscient and omnipotent. He knows our every thought, feeling, and action. No matter where we go, He will always be with us. As our Creator, God knows us inside and out. Let us take comfort in the knowledge that God is with us and will help us wherever we are. Let us invite God to sanctify, search, and know our hearts intimately.


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