Calming Anxious Minds

Title: Calming Anxious Minds
Artwork by: Emilia Ting (@emiliating_96)
Like a sailor on stormy, unchartered waters, life’s storms can make us fearful and worried. However, with Christ in our vessel we can smile at the storm, safe in the knowledge that He will see us safely through to shore. So take a deep breath and hang on to that hope–you can cast your cares on Him!


The journey of our lives is often filled with uncertainty. Sometimes, we worry and panic when we think about what lies before us.


When storms threaten to rage against us, fear arise in our hearts and we begin to sink under the wave of our anxieties.


During times like these, it helps to keep our minds fixed on what matters most–and just keep going.


Instead of focusing on the waves, anchor our hope in God. He is like a steady lighthouse that will help us find our way.


Be still and trust in Him, and He will lead us safely away from the waves of this life, and onto the shore.




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