Hosanna Revival: Painting on Bibles

Title: Hosanna Revival: Painting on Bibles
Artwork by: Katie Guiliano (@hosannarevival)
Description: I used to live a life with no purpose, carrying the weight of my life on my own shoulders. I didn’t know the truth of the price the Jesus paid so I could live in freedom. I was so bound by the things that I wanted to do and accomplish. My identity was influenced by things outside of God’s truth and promises.

Moving forward, I discovered that my identity is not found in the things I accomplish or who the world tells me to be. The more time I spent searching God’s Word, the more I *discovered* who He says I am and who I am meant to be. I am no longer a failure, but victorious in Jesus (Deuteronomy 20:4. I am no longer not good enough, but loved, pursued, and intentionally made (Psalm 139). I am no longer purposeless, but set on a mission to expand God’s kingdom (Matthew 28:19).

Hosanna Revival was created out of a simple idea, to make the outside of a Bible beautiful. However, I know the power of the Bible will never lie with my artwork, but rather with the words inside. My prayer and hope is to excite people about the word of God, and to lead them to engage with scripture. For that reason, I will continue to faithfully respond to God’s call in what I do day by day.







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