Notes From My Heart

Title: Notes From My Heart
Materials: Paper & Brush Pen
Artwork by: Yi Ning (@yi_nnning)
Description: Lessons learned, thoughts deconstructed; extractions from my heart and head onto paper and ink. I love pouring myself out in handwriting. These are a series of learnings from the past that shaped me to who I am today, and continually serve as reminders to my future self of His never-ending faithfulness.

Many people know me as this unicorn-loving person, some even call me ‘unicorn’ instead of my actual name, that gawks at cute stuff. Nothing wrong with that because that’s my natural state. But I believe it’s important to know the story behind the person.

Everything started with a question that was thrown at me when I was a kid: Why do you look like that? As harmless as it may sound, those words snowballed into a series of challenges and turmoil I faced growing up. It became a lifelong journey of discovering who I am, trying not to be confined by the opinions of the masses. In the midst of all the chaos, I met someone called Jesus. Life was never the same again on that day I chose to step into a relationship with the Father.


Relentless love: A love that pursues and never gives up.

Your love keeps me going in this journey of faith.

Radical love: A Love so crazy but true.

You alone satisfy.

Renewing love: A Love that transforms.

You make beautiful things out of us in Your perfect timing.

Real love: A Love that is pure and good always.

You are my good good Father, that’s who you are.

Replete love: A love that is personal and looks at the details.

You make no mistakes, i’m fearfully and wonderfully made.
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