Tailored For Glory

Title: Tailored For Glory
Materials: Photography
Artwork by: The Blessed Run
Description: All of us are under the meticulous craftsmanship of God and are His work-in-progress. Nothing is incidental in His eyes–our specific background, interests, skill sets and conditions, all serve a glorious purpose for His kingdom. No two persons are alike, and not one is better or less worthy than the other. You are tailored for glory.





The Lord has carefully selected His materials for the creation of our being. Where we come from, our unique experiences and challenges, what we can or cannot do, what we like, who we hang out with. We aren’t factory-made pieces but special editions of an individual, glorious calling. Do not compare what we have, but discover what we were made for. For God, for His people, for His Kingdom.




Before we were created, God prepared the materials in the right quantity, measurements and cutting, ensuring that everything comes together to work for the good of His purpose for us (Romans 8:28). Our design is made such that it fits our fields, and has durability through the tumbling and stretching of life’s processes with the high thread-counts of truth from God’s Word. The materials are measured with such precision that we will not be given more than we can bear. Whether we are an XS or a double XL, linen fabric or cotton, God prepares us for our calling and handles us with care.



God-sewn pieces, you and I. Each step, each stitch, every hem and every snip. Though some pieces may be adorned with sequins and pearls, while others are of a minimalistic design, the way we are personalised shows how much God values us through the making and how we serve different purposes–equally important but for different contexts. Realise the Tailor’s concept for you and live out your purpose.



God does not make us to be folded up and kept aside as “faulty” pieces. We were tailored to glorify Him through our lives. It isn’t about maintaining a seamless track record or achieving the typicalities of a stain-free life. It is about allowing ourselves to  testify His goodness, faithfulness and authenticity through us and to reflect His glorious image. Yes, we may have some holes on us–dangling threads, loose buttons and damaged zips–but our constant faith in Him will fix our unbelief and transcend the struggles of our flesh. Embrace ourselves as we are and praise the Tailor, all the days of our lives.


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