Beauty From Ashes

Title: Beauty From Ashes
Materials: Hand-lettering and photography
Artwork by: Jenessa Wait
Description: God doesn’t make trash. Period. All that He creates is beautiful, and a reflection of who He is. It’s easy to buy into the lie that “I’m too messed up” for redemption, but that’s far from the truth. God is not intimidated by brokenness. He is the one that has what you need on the other side of that pain. If you’re lonely, He is acceptance. If you’re brokenhearted, He is the mender of your heart. If you’re afraid, He is your safe place. There is always an answer to brokenness and His name is Jesus.


Beauty for ashes, joy for mourning.

God’s not intimidated by your mess. He’s secure in who He is. Run to Him just as you are!
“You’re altogether beautiful my darling, there is not flaw in you” – Song of Solomon 4:7
Jesus paid it ALL and because of the cross, there’s hope and redemption.
You are not defined by your past, but by who God says you are.
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