Fairy Tales and Stories Retold

Title: Fairy Tales and Stories Retold
Materials: Graphic Design
Collaboration with: Geraldine Lai and Mei Hsien
Description: Recognise these? We typically love immersing ourselves in these world of fantasy with enchanting characters and magic. We subconsciously pick up lessons from these familiar stories and they can range from morals to basic principles.

What if your favourite fairy tales and stories were retold with a slight twist? What changes will we see when we see them from a Christian perspective?

The next time you read or watch a fairy tale, think deeper. Share with us what other stories can be retold differently.















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  1. Samuel Mwaura
    Samuel Mwaura says:

    When I was a lil buck I was fond of them Saturday morning cartoon …

    The road runner show with Willie coyote always comes up with ingenious methods to trap his favourite prey the road runner but this is no chicken brain bird he’s super smooth …

    They say in Canada that the Mounty always catch they man but Willie coyote never ends up with a chicken dinner …

    The loony toons with all sort of wild and crazy characters like bugz bunny the lil Indian with the tomahawk always looking forward to scalping cats the dude who’s always making rabbit stew taking west and wiwaxation in Yosemite national park the rooster who always end up with a fantastic headache nuh !!!!

    Tiny toons with the Warner Bros finest fruit cakes …

    But my favourite was always the transformers …

    Robots in disguise robots with more than meets the eye Autobots wage their war ti defeat the forces of the deceptacons syke !!!!

    Alot we can learn from them Saturday morning cartoon about looking out for your team mates and not sticking out a foot so cats take a stumble …

    About waging a holy war coz were Yahweh’s Mejai holy soldiers who have taken a vow of death and will fight for the king knowing that though we die Christ is the life and resurrection !!!

    About taking a walk in the wild side like them loony toons and tiny toons resting in God’s Yosemite national park and though they try to scalp us like that lil injian they will never have enough wabbit stew life smells too nice so we take a hot bath in life’s boiling cauldron like bugz and chew on carrots and ask what’s up doc syke !!!!

    We develop a fantastic headache like that rooster in loony toons we novacaine ourselves and become numb to the enemies lies …

    Some cat asked I know you got your eyes all on me but is it right if we break up in a song nuh !!!



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