Who I Am- Who We Are

Title: Who I Am- Who We Are 
Materials: Photography
For the past eight months I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve In Peru at an international school of ministry. This was something that came out of the blue, I don’t even speak Spanish! But I knew I had to go and the director reassured me that I would pick up some Spanish and things would be great. All these months later my Spanish is still no bueno but communicating isn’t as much of an issue as I had anticipated. In some ways, I feel that I can better communicate with those who speak only Spanish as we use fewer words to communicate.

One thing I have discovered during my travels is that we are all united by the bonds of having the same Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We might not relate in our culture, fashion, food preferences, or the way we look, but we have Christ in common! And all other things seem unimportant in comparison. We have this common goal, to serve God and make Him known to the world, all people of the world. We have His same Spirit living in us, what more could we have in common?

Photos by: Rebecca Roberts


Racquell, California



Jesús, Peru



Maynardia, Belize



Josh, California



Karina, Peru



Santiago, Columbia



Janelle, Mexico



Bryton, Belize



Bethany, California

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  1. carole l. haines
    carole l. haines says:

    I make crosses out of broken pieces of Jewelry, pottery, mirrors etc. They are symbolic of how God can take what we consider the broken places of our lives and brings great beauty out of them. Based on Romans 8:28 “And we know God works all things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His Purpose. Would love to share a few pictures of them, if you are willing. I give them to people who are in rough spots and difficult places, to encourage them in their faith. Let me know what you think.


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