Distractions Of The World

Title: Distractions Of The World
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Are you up for a fun little test? Sit still for the next 15-30 seconds…without talking, checking your phone, or moving around. Did you try it?

Chances are your mind probably started wandering a bit…ours sure did! What thoughts distracted you from just sitting still? Maybe you thought about checking your Instagram or that to-do list that seems to grow more than shrink, or maybe you thought about how hard it is to sit still for more than 10 seconds. What about God? Did your thoughts fall on Him?

It’s easy to get distracted by worldly concerns and give priority to things that entertain us in the moment. However, when we fill up our days and give whatever leftover time we have to God, we miss out on developing a healthy relationship that brings us the assurance and peace we crave. What distractions are consuming your time?


The alarm clock goes off and you immediately check social media to see what your friends are up to. Your phone buzzes while you’re with a friend and you have to know why. You upload a photo to Instagram and find yourself routinely checking to see how many likes it has. You have a looming deadline but that new show on Netflix is calling your name.

Is keeping up with the latest and greatest distracting you from focusing on God’s goodness and blessing?





You feel like your friends will forget about you if you don’t fill up every spare moment with meetups. A night at home can’t be tolerated unless you have friends coming over. You immediately respond to every text or email that you receive for fear that you might miss out on something fun. You spend too much time sitting on the couch having conversations with people via messenger versus in person.

Is the need to stay connected distracting you from focusing on building actual relationships?





Your to-do list is constantly growing and you can’t seem to get enough done in a day. An exciting opportunity looks more like a burden because you overcommitted your time. You take a day off to relax and feel anxious about not working on projects. You use your busy schedule as an excuse to avoid people or responsibilities. Your priorities are a scramble of work, errands, and relationships…you don’t know where your time disappears to.

Is your busy schedule distracting you from finding rest in God’s Word?





You spend more time shopping for new items at your favorite online shops than you do talking to the people around you. A vlogger promotes a new product and you just have to have one too. The item you were so excited to have last week isn’t so amusing anymore. You tried setting a budget for yourself but the sales have been calling your name and you can’t help but stock up on a few “essentials”. You find self-worth in the items you own.

Is the distraction of having the latest and greatest distracting you from God’s provisions and blessings?





The reflection in the mirror is never good enough. You tried that new workout routine and you still don’t look like that person on Instagram. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of their personal style but you. You worry about not looking perfect all the time and that your friends will say something about it. Someone gives you a compliment and you can’t fully accept it because the voice in your head is telling you it can’t be true.

Is an obsession with beauty distracting you from being assured that your identity is in God?





Your friends are posting photos from all their amazing travels and you feel jealous. You thought you would have seen more of the world by now. You crave the adrenaline of constantly being in a new and exciting place. Work or home life is overwhelming and you just want to escape to someplace else.

Is the distraction of wanting to travel misdirecting your focus from the work God has prepared for you where you are?

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  1. Jeremy Wallace
    Jeremy Wallace says:

    This was great; definitely a wake up call for myself. It’s easy to get caught up in the worldly mess around us; when everything we need is in His word. Thanks for taking the time to create this!


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