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I was listening to one of Pastor Bill Johnson’s latest podcasts from Bethel Church. At one point he addressed the idea of taking courage. Taking courage is not something you have to do on your own. You can’t even do it on your own. The fact that you’re showing courage means that you’re interacting with God. I think it’s cool that even when you feel abandoned by God, the fact that you’re displaying courage shows God is with you.


Artist Feature | Nanda Broekhuizen

I grew up in a creative family in the Netherlands, and so art has always been a part of me. While studying Arts & Economics in my university years, I knew that I wanted to make and manage art – that’s how Sunflower Sunshine was born! During my time away in Sweden for six months, I had a lot of time to grow in both my relationship with God and in my art form. I explored illustration and handlettering, and I found them good outlets to meditate on God’s Word.

Through my words and images, I hope to encourage people. My hope is that they will be able to meditate on these wholesome words, just as I do while creating the art.

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