What’s Your Spiritual Style?

Title: What’s Your Spiritual Style?
Materials: Digital Illustration
Description: We all serve and worship the same God, but have you noticed how we each relate to God differently? God has made us all unique, enabling us to relate or draw closer to Him in specific ways. Which of these 9 spiritual styles do you identify with? Let’s embrace the uniqueness God has given to each one of us and support our fellow brothers and sisters as they relate to Him.

This project is based on the book ‘Sacred Pathways’ written by Gary Thomas on the topic of ‘Discover your spiritual style’.

1. Nature Draws You Close To God

You can’t help but admire the beauty of creation and find yourself drawing closer to God whenever you’re in a serene environment.

2. The Five Senses Draws You Close To God

You relate to God through the sounds you hear, sights you see, smells you whiff and tastes you savor.  

3. Traditions Draw You Close To God

You’re disciplined about your faith and place great importance on attending regular church services, tithing monthly and keeping the Sabbath.

03. Traditions-YMI

4. Solitude Draws You Close To God

You rather be left alone in a room to pray in silence, away from all the distractions of the world.

04. Ascetics-YMI

5. Action Draws You Close To God

You serve God through standing up for social changes. You prefer being in larger groups and often get energized by their interaction.

05. Activist-YMI

6. Caring For Others Draws You Close To God

You love caring for the needs of others. You see serving others as serving Christ.

06. Caregiver-YMI

7. Celebrating Draws You Close To God

You are enthusiastic about your faith and will express your joy through dance or movement.

07. Enthusiast-YMI

8. Contemplation Draws You Close To God

You place great importance on loving God, above acts of obedience.

08. Contemplation-YMI

9. Thinking Draws You Close To God

You enjoy learning new things about God which brings you to a greater appreciation of him.

09. Thinker-YMI

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  1. Wu Yanping
    Wu Yanping says:

    Mine is 1,3,5 and 7. It’s a big change from a lively church style to a traditional church. The rituals at the traditional church ministers better to me because I find modern music noisy and gives me headache. I think it’s something to do with ageing.


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