What If There Was No Church?

Title: What If There Was No Church?
Materials: Illustration and Digital paint
Description: What if the building we called church were to be torn down by the authorities or destroyed by nature? What if there were no more “church” organizations? What if there were no more leaders to organized regular services or no preachers who wanted to teach? What would you do?



God wants us to worship Him both as individuals and as a community. Why? Because “we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another” (Romans 12:5). This description of Christ’s followers would be meaningless if we were to worship God as individuals.



You could read as many commentaries and Bible study guides as you can, but you’ll soon find yourself asking for help to understand God’s Word better, and for guidance on how to apply it in your life.



The Christian journey includes trials, tribulations, and challenges, which makes it a hard one to walk alone. There are times when we need that fellow human voice, comforting hug, or listening ear, to help us through the hardest times and remind us that we are not alone.



Unless you’re a hermit or rabidly anti-social, you will need the companionship of friends. Not just for the bad times, but for the good times too.



A gathering of some kind would welcome this new believer, introducing him to the rest of the body of Christ and showing him that he was really joining a corporate body of members who believed in the same God and who would give him encouragement and strength for the days ahead.

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