Editor’s Picks: Top 3 Articles | Relationships

Let’s just get it out there: Relationships are as important to us as the air that we breathe.

Some of the most intense emotions we experience as human beings are tied to our relationship experiences. The euphoria we feel from being in love and being loved. The crushing anguish we feel from a broken relationship. The gut-wrenching grief we feel from the sudden loss of a loved one.

Relationships affect the very core of who we are and how we operate. And rightly so! God made us relational beings.

This month, we shine the spotlight on this crucial component of our lives. And we’re proud to share with you YMI’s top three most popular pieces on relationships for 2015.

Take time to read, mull and soak in these articles.

We truly believe you’d benefit from them.

  1. She Completes Me (Is A Lie)

It’s a cute sentiment. The idea is that “she” makes everything better. “She” cancels out the negative thoughts and self-talk in his mind. Essentially, she saves him. But this phrase, sets my blood on fire. And here’s why: It is extremely selfish and a terrible burden to lay on someone you love to expect them to save you.

  1. A Letter to My Future Husband

Dear (Future) Husband, You’re reading this on the first morning of our first day as a married couple because you are (now officially) the guy that I have been praying so much for. You came about in God’s good timing and, once again, He has given me more than I could ever wish for.

  1. Sex: What are you waiting for?

When I became a Christian, I became familiar with the tagline, “True love waits”, which encourages sexual abstinence. It resonated with me. It sounded noble and wise, and it made sense. True love means waiting to do it only after you say your marriage vows, and saving yourself is the best gift you can give your spouse. And so waiting became the solution to keeping myself pure. But waiting is not the way to purity . . .

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