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A Letter to My Future Husband

Written By VT, Singapore

Dear (Future) Husband,
You’re reading this on the first morning of our first day as a married couple because you are (now officially) the guy that I have been praying so much for. You came about in God’s good timing and, once again, He has given me more than I could ever wish for.

Before meeting you, I had read Christian dating books on finding my “Mr. Right” (no prizes for guessing which books) and was told by my parents and friends to carefully and prayerfully consider what sort of qualities and characteristics I wanted in a man. “Take a pen, note it down, and bring it to God in prayer.” That’s exactly what I did (don’t get all shocked now).

From the moment we started off as friends, I began to see how well we fitted together. We served together and tried as much as possible to keep Christ at the center of everything we did. You led by example in every way, and that was when I knew you would be a godly leader of our home (with kids, hopefully).

In the years, months, days and hours leading up to our marriage, God knew I needed someone like you. From our first date (extra brownie points if it was a home-cooked dinner), to getting to know my family and friends (the sure way to win their hearts), to the day you decided to propose (I could never have guessed your plans), you showed me what it is to love—by loving God first. The qualities you possessed ticked off all the essential boxes on my “future husband” list. (Everything else you are is an added bonus.)

Although we both started off with glorious expectations and high hopes, we knew that we might fail to measure up along the way. I’m thankful that we both saw the importance of understanding how to become godly individuals first in order to become a godly couple.

Through the growing process, I became more aware of my own flaws and shortcomings. You should know all too well by now how much of a worrywart I am; I apologize for harrying you unnecessarily with my problems when my first step should have been to turn to God. You should also realize by now how difficult it is for me to show financial generosity (it’s easier when it comes to time and love), how terribly indecisive I am (90 percent of the time during shopping), and how I defer responsibility to others. I’m sure there are more flaws that I may not even be aware of, but I promise to work at them if you let me know (gently please). Thank you for loving me despite everything.

Yesterday, as I walked down the aisle (glad I didn’t trip) and saw you up front in the distance, I knew that there are many things we have yet to learn about each other (till we’re both 70 or more). Although we are not going to get everything right all the time, with the right combination of love, communication and prayer, I fully believe that we can help each other become what God wants us to be.

Are you just as excited as I am about the life ahead of us? (I thought so.)

I can’t be any happier than I already am. God has led me to you.


Your (Future) Wife
June 2015


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EDITOR’S NOTE: What qualities do you want in your future spouse? What do you think about the advice “Take a pen, note it down, and bring it to God in prayer”? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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  1. Tabita Davinia Utomo
    Tabita Davinia Utomo says:

    I still pray for my future husband, and I really agree with the advice 🙂
    I want my future husband can teach my future children about God and His Words, kind-hearted, love to serving God, can help me to change my bad habit, and the most important is.. I wan my future husband will always put Christ as the center of his life, in our relationship, and in our family
    (Dear my future husband, I wish you read this! :))

  2. Tabita Davinia Utomo
    Tabita Davinia Utomo says:

    I still pray for my future husband, and I really agree with the advice 🙂
    I want my future husband can teach my future children about God and His Words, kind-hearted, love to serving God, can help me to change my bad habits, bless the other, and the most important is.. I wan my future husband will always put Christ as the center of his life, in our relationship, and in our family
    (Dear my future husband, I wish you read this! :))

    • VT
      VT says:

      Hey Tabita, that’s great! I guess all we could really do is to continue praying and leaving it up to God. It’s especially important in this day and age, where so much wrong happens in this world that we surround ourselves and our future children with the knowledge of God and His Words. (Dear Tabita’s future husband, let us know if you read this!)

  3. Lucas
    Lucas says:

    As a Christian man who has just prayed a about his future wife literaly minutes ago, it is incledible to realize that at this very moment my spouse to be is probably doing the exact same thing! It feels amazing to see that, in fact, there are still people out there who love Jesus for real and understand how central He is for every little bit of our lives!

  4. Sophia
    Sophia says:

    I was truly touched by this letter. Being praying about a partner for as long as I can remember and even though I clocked 29 two days ago, I’m still single but confident that my waiting on God will not be in vain… So to my future husband this is what I have to say, I love you so much even though I don’t know you. I’m not perfect in anyway and because I know that I’m always open to corrections and and I hope u are too. I have grown to become an very independent and strong woman who doesn’t rely on anyone for anything (except God) so my darling pardon me if it seems like I’m not needy (the good type of needy that men like) with time I’ll get used to not been alone and learn to share it all and depend on you as a partner, husband and friend. Its sometimes annoying that you still haven’t showed up because It gets so lonely at even if it isn’t your fault I have told myself that when you eventually do propose, before I say yes, I will smack you (lovingly, lol) and ask you “Dude, what took you so long” so please smile and just give me a kiss. Lol..

  5. Charlotte Diana
    Charlotte Diana says:

    As a christian woman, I ever had been praying together with my future husband.
    Yesterday, he reminded me for our love experience with God during our difficult time.
    And for now, we truly grateful for God’s promises may be manifested in our lives.

  6. Adeline
    Adeline says:

    Dear Handsome (Future) Husband,

    As you are taking a sip of coffee or tea from your favorite mug, I want you to know that I will love you with kindness, patience and tolerance (Same goes for you, please). I thank God that we met through our mutual friends and as days passed I know you are the one.

    God is gracious, He gave me a partner that never had and will judge me but understand me. A partner that listens to my long-winded rants without complaints. A partner that shares the same vision as me. A partner that loves God. A partner that can cook well. A partner that is willing to spend the rest of his life with me. A partner like you.

    May we always listen to God in whatever decisions we have to make, and may our relationship blossom the way God want us to. May He continue using us completely to our fullest potential and glorify Him in every way we possibly can. May we seek forgiveness from God and be easy to forgive each other in out shortcomings.

    I love you 🙂

    Your (Future) Wife,

  7. Etrina
    Etrina says:

    Since English is not my mother-language, it’s hard for me to express what it is on my mind…
    There is a verse in the bible about ‘A Wife of Noble Character’ [Proverbs 31: 10-31]
    but there isn’t any about ‘A Husband of Noble Character’
    Dear future husband, do you know what ‘fear of The LORD’ means ?

  8. jacquie
    jacquie says:

    Dear Future husband
    I prayed for you ever since i was a young girl. I listed the qualities i desired in you. when you showed up i wasnt so sure you were the one because i had stumbled across other wrong people in pursuit of was only after a while that i realised you were my future husband and you ticked all the essential boxes. your love for me is overwhelming and the way you understand me and now its a few months before you change from my future husband to my forever husband. I cant wait and i am overwhelmed by how God is working everything for our good. Romans8:28. My continuous prayer now is more of asking God to mould me to be the perfect wife for you, a proverbs 31 kind of wife, a woman of virtue. i promise to love you and pray for you always.
    your future wife

  9. Se
    Se says:

    Dear Future Husband,

    After 8 years of praying for you, God heard my request and provided a divine marriage. When I first met you my freshman year of college, I admired your beauty. Although my insecurities caused me to doubt whether you liked me, I prayed fervently for a divine connection. I promised God that I would save myself for marriage if he provided the divine connection. I admired your love for God, your kindness, and your intelligence. Somewhere along the way, I doubted that the divine connection would come to fruition and pursued a relationship where I lost my virginity. I was disappointed in myself as I questioned how I could break my promise. I decided to focus on my relationship with God where I was able to forgive myself and heal from painful memories. Although time passed and the divine connection had not happened, I had a sense of hope that God would orchestrate a divine marriage. One day, I decided to reach out to you and you responded. I knew that God had something great ahead for us as I continued to pray. On the day that you shared your thoughts and feelings about me, I was greatly surprised. Even though I sometimes doubted that there would be a divine connection, God blessed me with you— a man that I did not deserve. On the day of our marriage, I was overjoyed because God followed through. I prayed for a man that would love me as I am— you. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you regardless of the challenges that we would face. I love you so much! Above all, I love God and his abundant grace.


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