Title: Stringing letters together
Materials: Chalk, Watercolour & Pen
Description: There is so much beauty and depth in words. Each has its own weight, but string them together with painterly strokes and they dance in a new light, bringing another dimension to its meaning.


Weddings are a great reminder of God’s sacrificial love for us, commissioning us to love others. I had the privilege of chalk lettering the theme verse for one of my favorite couples on their special day.



Whatever season you’re in, my hope for you is this: may your joy be ever blooming! Inspired by my sweet roommates, who love tea and flowers and have taught me so much. Most of all, joy in the shifting seasons.



During the winter months, what feels like bitter cold, is preparation for things to come. The snow will melt, watering the land and causing the meadows to flourish with new life! Trust Him.

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