My letter to “Sin”

Written By Bridget Legaspi, Philippines

Dear Sin,

You keep on knocking on the door, tempting me in every way you can. I have broken my bondage with you, I have chosen to let you go; yet you keep coming back.

There were times I had let you in, but God’s perpetual whispers would remind me to run back to Him. I would be down on my knees in front of Him, confessing to Him what I’d done wrong, and asking for His forgiveness.

Time went by and there you were again, banging on the wooden door. The sound it created echoed of pleasure. The same tragic things happened—I kept on stumbling, then crying out to Him. I was afraid that it would become a vicious cycle. You whispered lies to me, saying that my situation couldn’t be changed any more, that I would be stuck in this trap for eternity—until someone found out, or until I was dead in shame. You whispered that backsliding was the only way to win the battle inside me.

But His Words struck my heart like a sword; they were meant to rebuke, remind, strengthen, heal, and purify me. He didn’t give up on me, even though I broke His heart whenever I fell for you. He reminded me again and again of His inexhaustible love and mercy for me, He remained gracious to me despite me stumbling. All that He is, and His promises, were more than enough to completely shut you off and help me turn from you.

I need not worry every time you come back knocking, because I know who is always with me and whom to run to. All I have to do is to be quiet, ask for help, and focus on Him.

Because of Him and in Him alone, I am victorious over you.

Photo credit: Rubin Starset / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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