ODJ: the one who sees

June 18, 2014 

READ: Genesis 16:1-16 

Hagar used another name to refer to the LORD, who had spoken to her. She said, “You are the God who sees me.” She also said, “Have I truly seen the One who sees me?” (v.13).

I recently stumbled across an online thread titled “I Am So Freaking Tired of Being Hurt.” It’s part of a website that invites people to share difficult life experiences such as battling cancer or facing a marriage crisis.

Hagar certainly could have added her life story to this thread (Genesis 16:1-6). As an Egyptian slave girl, she already lived a difficult life. She was essentially the property of others to do with as they wished. Her life became increasingly more difficult when her mistress, Sarai, married her off to her husband (Abram). Sarai hoped to gain children through her, according to the legal customs of that day (vv.1-3).

When Hagar did become pregnant, she made the wrong choice to treat Sarai with contempt. As a result, Sarai mistreated the young, expecting mother. In fact, Sarai became so harsh and oppressive that Hagar ran away—likely back to Egypt (vv.4-6).

Talk about going from the frying pan into the fire! Hagar was pregnant and alone in the desert. It was unlikely she could have survived the journey back to her homeland. And even if she had, not much hope would have been found for a woman in her condition.

The angel of the LORD found Hagar in the desert and told her to go back to Sarai. He also comforted her with a promise/blessing that God would give her “more descendants than [she could] count” (vv.9-10).

Hagar took in the angel’s words and began addressing God as “the One who sees me” (v.13). Prior to her visit with the angelic being, Hagar didn’t think anyone saw her trouble. But she came to see that God was aware and that He cared for her.

The One who sees is also aware of you and your needs . . . and He cares deeply for you. —Jeff Olson
365-day plan› John 2:1-25

Read Exodus 3:7-10 and note how aware and concerned God was of His people’s misery in Egypt.  
How does it feel to know that God sees you and cares for you? What hurts and what questions will you bring to Him today?