Reject temptation from the devil and follow the lord

Will you also betray me?

He was one of the Twelve. He walked and talked with Jesus, heard the sermons He preached, and witnessed the miracle He performed. This man was part of the group who cast out demons and worked miracles; he was doing the same ministry work that Jesus’ other disciples did.

But after 3 years of walking with the Son of God, this man made his stand with the enemy of God. He yielded himself to Satan and offered to betray Jesus to the chief priest. Judas Iscariot is his name.

Today, though no one is asked to deliver Christ bodily into enemy hands, nevertheless people do betray Him in more subtle ways. We can betray Him in our lives.

A person can be numbered with the people of God, served in church, be active in committees, take communion, but go out to lead a sinful life and at last to a lost eternity—right from church. Even after associating with Christ and His followers, we can harbor a devil in our hearts.

Destroy what destroys you.

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  1. Charlene Maestre
    Charlene Maestre says:

    It’s sadden me that there’s an instances that we betray God in what we are doing.
    But thanks to this article that tells us to destroy what destroys us.


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