ODJ: powerful prayers

February 17, 2014 

READ: Psalm 108:1-13 

Rescue your beloved people. Answer and save us by your power (v.6).

In the spring of 2013 North Korean church leaders requested that believers around the world pray for their country and the Christians who live there. They called for this intercession due to the sabre-rattling of North Korea’s government, which had been conducting military exercises with war written all over them. One North Korean church leader stated at the time, “I would like to thank the many brothers and sisters around the world for their continuous love and support. We know that our journey will not be an easy one. . . . Please pray for us”.

The power of our prayers for other believers in Jesus can’t be overstated (James 5:16). This truth was lifted up by David as he wrote, “Rescue your beloved people. Answer and save us by your power” (Psalm 108:6). The poet-king knew that human strength and means could not match the infinite resources that God alone possesses. David cried out to Him, “Please help us against our enemies, for all human help is useless” (v.12). The man who had once slain a giant warrior with just a sling and stone recognised that God—his Rock—was the One who made that miraculous event a reality, and that He alone could save His people (1 Samuel 17:40-50).

The final verse of Psalm 108 captures the essence of the psalmist’s message: “With God’s help we will do mighty things” (v.13). This was why David was confident even as he faced his foes (v.1). This was why he could praise God “with all [his] heart”. And this was why he prayed earnestly for God to help His “beloved people” (v.6).

Take time today to pray for the believers you know personally and for others around the world. God still does mighty things as we call out to Him! —Tom Felten

Take a look at what Paul calls us to do in Ephesians 6:18 and 1 Timothy 2:1. 
What does it mean for you to know that other believers in Jesus are praying for you? Who will you pray for today?