ODB: The Gift Of Remembering

August 19, 2013

READ: Genesis 40:1-14,23 

Yet the chief butler did not remember Joseph, but forgot him. —Genesis 40:23

During seminary, I worked in a nursing home. As I spent time talking to these men and women, at some point nearly every patient would describe the loneliness of their present lives and the realization that they were outliving their peers. Most wondered if anyone would remember them when they passed from this life.

It isn’t just the elderly who can feel lonely and forgotten. In fact, many of us feel trapped and alone, set aside by circumstances fair and unfair. Sometimes we even experience what the Old Testament character Joseph did: people failing to remember us when there’s every reason they should.

Genesis 40 describes Joseph’s experiences as he’s trapped in prison. The cupbearer had been freed and returned to the king’s service, just as Joseph told him would happen (vv.9-13). Joseph had asked to be mentioned to Pharaoh, but the cupbearer forgot him (vv.14,23).

We may feel forgotten. Yet, like Joseph, we are not (42:9-13). Jesus sits at the right hand of God, and our prayers reach the throne of the King without fail because our Savior is our Mediator. When we feel alone, let’s remember to rest in the confidence of Jesus’ promise to be with us forever (Matt. 28:20).

— Randy Kilgore

Lord, let me be found serving others, as Joseph
did, in those hours when I feel most forgotten.
May I never be the “cupbearer” who fails to bring
the lonely and hurting to Your attention in prayer.

Jesus never abandons or forgets His own.

Source: Our Daily Bread