ODJ: you’re beautiful

August 20, 2013 

READ: Genesis 1:1-31 

God saw that the light was good (v.4).

I was just 16 when I visited Rome. I toured the ancient catacombs as well as St. Peter’s Basilica. They’re both marvels of human creativity, evoking wonder with their enduring tribute to the way humans can chisel stone and dig into the earth and craft beauty from raw elements. In both the cavernous tunnels and the vast domed cathedral, I experienced deep reverence. I can only imagine what the artisans of these sacred spaces must have felt as they concluded their labour.
In Genesis 1 we see God acting as the first Artist-Architect, stringing lights across the sky, crafting beautiful meadows and deep oceans, forming creatures to roam the plains, and sculpting humankind from the earth’s clay. After each creation, God stepped back from His artistry and declared, “This is good.”

After making light, God said, “Good” (v.4); after forming land and water, God said, “Good” (v.10); after creating plants and trees, God said, “Good” (v.12); after crafting the moon and sun, God said, “Good” (vv.17-18); after making creatures for the sea and air, God said, “Good” (v.21); after forming wild animals large and small, God said, “Good” (v.25).

After completing His wondrous project, God sat back, took in the entire sight, sighed contentedly, and thought, This is very good! (v.31).

It’s important to remember that the word translated “good” means, in our vernacular, beautiful. God was not merely declaring creation something appropriately completed, but something aesthetically delightful. God, the Artist, took pleasure in His creation.

He still does. God takes pleasure in all His works—including you (Ephesians 2:10). —Winn Collier

Read Genesis 2:18-20. After the litany of “this is good” in Genesis 1, the declaration of something being “not good” is striking. What did God do about it?  
What do you think God sees in you that He names very good? How does it change your posture to know He sees you as beautiful?