Swimming and Church

After not swimming for ages, I enjoyed my recent dip in the pool. The water slid against my skin, bidding me to stay in the pool for a longer time. As I swam, I used my hands and legs to push against the water,

Church: Why Bother?

The Church is the body of Christ. Whenever I am in the body of Christ, I feel loved, accepted, understood, embraced, and safe. I can rest in the truth of who I am in Christ. I can be myself.

The Introverted Christian

My mouth was dry like the Mojave Desert. My thoughts were tired and sludgy. I felt slightly morose as I had forgotten to take the tablet for my gastro-esophageal reflux disease. Having already thrown up, I could still feel the sizzling acid creeping out of my stomach into my esophagus. On top of all that, […]

Providential Meetings

By Maulline Onyalo, 22, Kenya Someone defined a Christian this way: “The true Christian is he who gives others the desire to be one also.” One passage in the Bible reflects this definition well. In the story of the Samaritan woman in John 4, Jesus reveals to us that chance encounters are often opportunities for […]

My Role Model is a PIG

Text by Lau Jue Hua, Thoughts by Olivia Ow Consider this: Everyone needs a role model. Where would Barack Obama be without Martin Luther King to lead the way? What would Spiderman be if Uncle Ben was not there to teach him that important phrase, “With great power comes great responsibility”? We subconsciously look up […]